Pooley Bridge Replacement Update

6th September 2019

 For those of you who are visiting us this Autumn and Winter please see the information attached regarding the replacement of Pooley Bridge Summary:

W/c Monday 9 September:

  • Pooley Bridge’s temporary road bridge will be removed – a great reason to visit the village and see this happen!!
  • There will be no connection between the two sides of the river for approximately seven days.
  • The plan is that a footbridge will be operational re-connecting both sides of the river, within 7 days of the temporary road bridge’s removal. However, this timescale is dependent on external factors such as adverse weather which may result in the bridge installation taking a little longer. Again a great reason to visit the village and see this happen!!
  • There will be no direct road connection across the river for vehicles until Spring 2020.
  • Vehicle access will be via a clearly marked diversion through Eamont Bridge and Tirril
  • The temporary footbridge will stay in place until the new road bridge is complete and opened to traffic.




w/c 9 September

  • While the temporary road bridge is removed and the footbridge is installed, there will be a free bus service starting near Pooley Bridge Pier House and going via the M6 J40 and Kemplay Bank roundabouts, Eamont Bridge and Tirril to Pooley Bridge village.
  • The temporary bus timetable for w/c 9 September is attached.

w/c 16 September:

  • The 508 Stagecoach service will no longer serve Pooley Bridge village or Tirril etc but be diverted to Penrith via the Dalemain road.
  • Passengers will be picked up/ dropped off at a temporary bus stop in the new free temporary car park opposite Waterfoot Park, which will remain open until the end of the project.
  • A revised bus timetable is being prepared.

Implications for visitors and residents

  • Mainly the need to plan and leave more time for journeys.
  • Once the temporary footbridge is in place, the Ullswater Way link will be restored and walkers will be able to easily access Pooley Bridge.
  • A comprehensive diversion traffic signing scheme will be put in place in advance of Monday 9 September.
  • Like during Storm Desmond, gantry signs on the M6 will be used to direct people to Pooley bridge from the South via J39/ A6.

Interesting to know:

Pooley Bridge businesses have created a ‘Loyalty Lottery’ with free tickets given when purchases are made to help promote the village during this period and reward both locals and visitors for supporting us during what could be a difficult time. Every month when the road bridge is out of action there will be a prize draw to win one of nine prizes ranging from family tickets for Lowther Castle, a bottle of Cumberland Saucy Gin, Steamer family tickets etc. This scheme has received some excellent publicity.

To encourage visitors to come to Pooley Bridge a range of events are being considered. The first will be Pooley Bridge Droving which will take place on Friday 25 October 2019 and be even bigger and better than the first PB Droving event in 2018. This should really put the village on the map.