Pooley Bridge Replacement Update - February 2020.

3rd February 2020

A brief update on how the replacment bridge project is progressing:

Earlier in January, the first sections of steelwork were delivered to Pooley Bridge. There are four sections being delivered overall, with two already at the village. 

The cranes are in place, and the next steps are to prop the steelwork up and connect them to each other. When the remaining steelwork arrives, they will be joined to form one structure, which will then be put in place later this year, and built up to form the new Bridge.

We were lucky enough to be in the Crown Inn at Pooley Bridge when the steelwork was delivered, and would highly recommend a lunchtime visit to see how everything is progressing, it is really interesting to see. If you are unable to visit, here are a couple of pictures to illustrate how things are taking shape, and what the steelwork is looking like: http://www.yourcumbria.org/Images/Drone3_tcm953-440495.jpg http://www.yourcumbria.org/Images/Steel_tcm953-440497.jpg

Work is still expected to be complete in Spring 2020, so anybody visiting before the summer will still have to be mindful of the diversions.


The following video provides a more in-depth update, and discusses what steps will be next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=qiDfA_JHpm0&feature=emb_logo