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More Winter work at Waterside - New all-weather electric pitches.
Posted: 20th January 2023

As anyone who has made a booking will probably have seen, there are an additional 20 all-weather electric pitches being put into the Manchester ground during this Winter break. These pitches, numbered 34-53 are already bookable through our website (and have been since July!).


In years gone by, if there was a sustained period of heavy rain, the Manchester ground would become unusable in parts due to the grass just holding the water. As a solution to this wasted space, we are currently doing the groundwork to add 20 electric pitches around the Manchester ground, as well as a road to make them accessible. These pitches will have a pea gravel surface (like our other electric pitches) and will be slightly raised so that waterlogged ground is not an issue!


We've had many people enquiring about the dimensions of these pitches, we've asked for them to be roughly 10m long by 5m wide, but as the pitches do not yet exist, we cannot provide specific dimensions until we've been able to measure them!